New Adult Genre is Back

‘This installment in the series is a bit short compared to Cherry Smack, but it still packs one hell of a punch and I can definitely say that the author makes the best use of every single page, wasting no time with ‘fluff’ or filler. ‘The All Saints’ serves as a great prequel and I think it works well to set up the foundation of Jimmy’s characteristics, offering some insight into his unique way of looking at the world and overall attitude and demeanor. This story starts off with a bit of a carefree almost even relaxed attitude, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned about this author, it’s that he makes sure things don’t always stay like that for long – and so you can expect some gritty twists and turns. Overall it’s worth the read and I recommend it to both people who have already read the author’s major work, Cherry Smack, as well as readers out there who are completely new to him’ Evening Times : J Perry – 10.7.16as3


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