Bad Habits


Cherry Smack : Free Copy for Limited Period at Inkitt


Marvin produced two Nun Habits, It was amiss of Pra not to mention the Sisterhood but he was soon captivated and in no time became a willing and most fetching participant. Moments later they were in costume shuffling to the cavalcade of drums. They shimmied and shuffled their way down from the hilltop over-looking the main drag. In the near distance custom made floats made ground, crawling, stopping for crowds to behold the spectacle. Magnificent artics bustling with bikini beaded samba troupes. Surdo Rockbands trailed choreographed burlesque feather showgirls, a truly vibrant display of music and dance.

A steel band played, Jimmy was desperate to zone in but was hindered. He dug out his panties “My stockings are chaffing bad.”

“Why are you wearing tights, your robe is 10ft long?” asked Pra.

“Marvin said…I had to,” the penny dropped. Pra screamed with laughter, Marvin ran and Jimmy gave chase “Marvin you bastard!”

They made their way down the hilltop to join the main parade. In the melee and several beers to the bad, heated passions burst. Nun set upon nun, with Police in hot pursuit, a surrealist haze Dali himself would struggle to conceive. As the expulsions swelled the Sisterhood dwindled but nothing could dampen their spirits, the hysteria only adding to the excitement. The law stepped it up, eager to quell the unrest, jaws cracked bloody and bruised. They ducked out before they too fell victim to the vagaries of the night. They decamped in a secluded, quiet café to unwind.

Cherry Smack : Free Copy for Limited Period at Inkitt



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