This is Going to Hurt.


Cherry Smack

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Jimmy felt as if he was missing out on something, something great. He left and tried to walk it off. He stopped at a bourgeois cafe, grabbed a macchiato and sat on a window stool smoking one of Snook’s Gitanes. Kayla felt bad about turfing him out. Nagging doubts persisted. One simple fact remained, he remembered her name. Despite blanking out and remembering nothing, he remembered her name. She made her way to the station deliberately taking a longer alternate route and by chance strolled by the coffee house where Jimmy sat. Their eyes met, she did not believe in coincidences; someone was trying to tell her something so went in to find out more. She pulled up a stool and looked at him squinting distrust.

“You know what I think Jimmy?”


“I think you’re a sweet bwoy, strictly hit and run.”

He hated the presumption. True, it was a new facet but he thought himself clever enough to conceal. He fell back defiant.

“I’m worse than that.”

“What’s worse than hit and run?”

“A man who stays. You get over a Sweet bwoy overnight but a man who stays,  that’s risky, that takes a bit longer.”

Interest piqued, she laughed “Why would I miss a man that stays?”

“What makes you think I would leave?”

She liked his wit, his attitude “You wanna know me?” Jimmy nodded.

“My ex, Leon dealt blow. At first we were ordinary, like any other couple, managing, just getting by but happy. Then he lost his job and it all changed. He just sold a little at first but got greedy, he wanted more. I told him to give it up, trouble is he didn’t know when to cross the bridge and when to burn it.” She paused getting emotional. “I told him to quit or leave,”

“What happened?”

“He left. A day later I get a call from the hospital; he’d been shot, by the time

I got there he was gone.”

“I’m sorry. “

“No I’m sorry, a bit intense right? You’re nice Jimmy, one of the good guys but

as you can see I’m not altogether there.”

“It’s cool. I’m still here. We’re just two people having a coffee.” He closed his

eyes, inhaling the heady rich aroma from his cup, sipped and paused, drawing parallels with Manchester.  “I bet Leon was a good man? Deep down you know he was a good man doing a bad thing, that’s all?” Jimmy ordered another coffee lit a cigarette and pulled things back to normal; two ordinary people having a coffee, exchanging star signs.




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