‘Man it’s Cold,’ said Lucy


Why did modern man leave Africa ? Why leave the warmth of Africa and set out on a perilous journey? Maybe I can share some insight.

Extract From Cherry Smack

Jimmy strolled up to Starbroek market for some smokes. It was a hive of activity; stall vendors scooped aromatic spice. Exquisite colourful displays of fine textiles flapped gently in the breeze. He jostled amongst the bustling hordes in the dry Caribbean heat and felt encroached. Someone brushed against him. There was commotion. He looked across and saw a dreadlock thug running away, barging the crowd aside. He immediately patted his flat, empty pocket and yelled at him to stop. He was making off with his wallet.

Jimmy gave chase, weaving through the market crowd then up a hill. He was gaining ground but losing breath. Before he reached the top, to his surprise he dropped it. Jimmy thought he’d won the battle of nerves. As he reached down to pick up his wallet he glanced up and spotted the Armed Police at the crest of the hill brandishing deadly Kalashnikovs. His assailant winked as he pulled out a blade and ran off. It was all a game. He may have been an opportunist. Maybe he had a family to feed.

Jimmy gambled his life for a worthless scrap of leather not because he had to, not because he needed it, but because it was in him to run and get it back. When you act on instinct, that tells you who you are. When you shoot from the hip, that’s the real you. There was no escaping his traits.  Jimmy was a simple man, like his dad, a dreamer, a grafter, a family man with old fashioned values. Ultimately there was no escaping it, of that he felt sure.

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