Cherry Smack Free Promotion.


Extract – Affirmation.

They ventured to pay respect to Vince and retrace his formative years. Given their atypical destination direct flights were out of the question; instead they flew from London to Bridgetown and hopped on a twin-prop de Havilland to Timehri, Guyana. They touched down at Cheddi Jagan International Airport, a collection of municipal buildings bordered precipitously by a topiary garden with the words Welcome to Guyana cut into red and green hedges.

Immediately adjacent was the main foyer; a drab lobby reminiscent of a tax collection office. They queued up to check pass customs. Time slowed pace as he processed his new surroundings, focused on a puzzling distraction. For the first time in his life he noticed everyone from the humble porter to the savant pilot looked exactly the same as him. It felt strange as if he had slid through an inter-dimensional portal to a room where everyone had his face. Gone was the feeling of alienation, of being the odd one out. Sadly, the moment was fleeting, as though he looked like them, he knew he was not one of them.

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