Janet Jackson Jogged my Memory…True Story.


Around 1995 I played Ronnie Scotts with my Band in London. My keyboard player introduced me to a guy called Steve Jackson that weekend. He was the man behind the No.1 US hit Sesame’s Treet by Smart E’s.   Sesame’s Treet  was labelled Toy-Techno (TV Themes with a Breakbeat).

I sat in his box flat in Essex and listened to how they dodged name copy right, comparing achievements. I had just played the legendary Ronnie’s where Ella Fitzgerald sang and Jimi Hendrix gave his last performance but was shrank small by his Platinum Disc hanging next to a framed page of the Billboard chart. I felt a mix of jealousy and shock.

Twenty years later Janet Jackson’s – ‘Control’ jogged my memory on YouTube. It sold 4 million albums but only had one No.1 single, that’s how hard it is to get to No.1.but Steve Jackson did it with nothing more than a pair of decks and a Micromix, props to Steve and I am no longer jealous.

– And that’s how Janet Jackson jogged my memory.

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