The Kids Asked me what my Favourite Colour is.


I made a random choice to keep them happy but truth be told I did not have one. I never had one even from an early age.

The colour blue had been claimed by my brother and I was given purple as bitter consolation, but  like that word on the tip of your tongue you can’t quite reach, my favourite colour was lost.

Today I have found it again. As I look across the ocean from the aft of my Cruise ship I marvel at the wake left behind. The turmoil in the center right below carved a magnificent trench. Folds of water created mounds on either side. There were valleys and mountains of rock. Caves and crevices. Every shimmering detail revealed by the sun. The waves broke then reformed. In the center of it all the colour turquoise rose vibrant and fresh, the edges tinged with white foam.

Turquoise is my favourite colour. Not for its beauty but for the meaning it holds.


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The Kids Asked me what my Favourite colour is.


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