‘Politics for Dummies’



My friend is an IT geek. Back in the 90s when the internet was in its infancy he kept on about getting a firewall. I didn’t understand what a firewall was or why I needed one. He explained, in tech, it was essential. I remained skeptical. If he had told me ‘get one or your ID will be stolen and your computer won’t work’ I would have understood because that’s the way you have to speak to a Dummy to get the point across.

Where my IT friend failed President-Elect Trump succeeded. He transferred the method to politics with slogans and hats. Lock Her Up, Build The Wall, Make America Great Again. It gave the Dummies something they could understand. It was a good method applied in a corrupt way. All his promises fell fowl before his inauguration. It was all a lie but that’s what con-men do promise you something then disappoint. The Dummies got played, Bravo! I wonder how they feel now? Question is – Is the charade over or are we still being played?

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