Who wants to be an E-Millionaire?

roblox-1I thought you might. Well its your lucky day. My son is three almost four and obesesed with Roblox, a video game. To be precise, he’s obsessed watching other people play Roblox on YouTube. After a week or so of suffering the fuss I had a look and nearly fell off my perch. 6 million views. That’s roughly $5k in Ad revenue  per vid and there are a lot of vids.

So if you are a failed actor or hopelessly bad comedian don’t worry, you’re perfect.  Kids will love your  over acting and exaggerated lurching is the order of the day.

The best thing is you don’t have to wait for it to happen. Simply switch on the webcam record your reaction to The Walking Dead, sit back and wait. You’ll be an E-Millionaire in no time.

Any TWD fans out there?


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