How’s your small talk?


Stuck in line at Publix with the chatty guy ahead of you.  How does he do it? He’s got a lot to say and so witty. Does he know them?

No he doesn’t but that’s the trick isn’t it.

Damn it’s my turn next and I got a lot of goods.  Oh no there’s a queue forming, spectators an expectant audience. How do I follow that? Even Chris Rock  has time to prepare. I only came in for some eggs now I’m center stage at the Palladium.

Got to keep it short there’s not much time. Be clever, be witty ..avoid the weather or cheap tricks. That’s obvious that’s naff you’ll never gain cred with those tactics.

I bet that bloke’s really good in lifts too. Stuck with a stranger for one floor only, not a problem that’s plenty of time but not for me.  I’m sweating it. How many floors can I take before the silence breaks me?

No there’s nothing small about small talk. It’s a test of character. You are on the spot but if you make a splash the pay off is immense. You walk away tall like a movie star. Still try to avoid that cashier next time. They may expect a repeat performance !


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