What’s a sore winner?


Is it winner or whiner? I couldn’t find a definition in the dictionary and had to turn to the urban dictionary but even that seemed wrong. This term is being bandied around to describe Trump winners. It’s like winning is not good enough, they feel the need to convince us they are right and further still join them to make them feel better but it sounds more like they are trying to convince themselves.

Trump surrogates are constantly explaining his tweets “What he actually means by having more nuclear weapons is….” Really ? Is he speaking Chinese do we need an interpreter? It’s embarrassing like correcting a six year old for swearing. Why bother, we understand exactly what he meant. He wrote it in English and it’s pretty easy to follow thanks. The reason you are having to explain it is because no-one can believe what he is saying.

I would have more respect if they spoke straight, told me the truth. It don’t matter , facts don’t matter, logic doesn’t matter we won we’re in charge so there?! Rather that than the contortions they go through to defend the indefensible.


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