Carrie Fisher made me realise what loss is.


I’m really gutted over Carries death. I read the tributes, watched old clips and even read her book Postcards from the Edge (very good). It got me thinking. My grief was instant. It was never in question but I am also a fan of John Lennon and when he died the grief was not instant. It came many years later.


Carrie was part of my childhood. I still remember seeing Star Wars for the first time. My dad took us on my sister’s birthday. I was mesmerized till my sister’s friends starting giggling at me after that kiss.  The film was very special to me indeed.

When I heard about John Lennon’s death I did not feel the same, I did not feel sad. About ten years ago I saw the Beatles Anthology and fell in love with the track – ‘Don’t Let me Down’ (played at their farewell gig on the roof at Saville Row).  I bought every album to find it and discovered the Beatles on the way, but still I never found the track. On rummaging through my Mum’s  45’s there it was on the other side of – “Get Back”. It was a special moment as if John was smiling back saying was worth it?

It was and at that point I felt sad about John. It was only then John meant something to me.

Thank you Miss Fisher we shall miss you all.


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