‘Stronger Together?’

dvDarth Vader united the Galaxy indirectly and he will do it again through action or rather inaction. When pledges are broken and swing voters realise something ‘so simple’ is in fact very hard the truth is revealed. The truth is what America has become. Not a 1950s romanticised vision but a multicultural global leader. POTUS will unwillingly aid and abet the process. When replacing ACA, reversing the nuclear Iran deal does not happen. When the Wall and Muslim Ban dissolve into nothing swing voters will see the light and accept the reality of this changing world, a better world.

Saying we are Stronger Together does not make us Stronger Together but realising you are on the wrong side of history will force the disaffected few to shift making the States of America United once more.

I should know I’m a Brit and the only time you were united is in 1775- The War of Independence. No need to thank us, you’re welcome!


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