What’s the Best Rock n Roll Movie ever?


As ever with these listings it is personal. I was going to do some research roll out some stats, but I don’t believe box office sales is the metric to use in this case.

There are movies that transcend that. Movies that are so big it bleeds into the fabric of society and changes social trends and taste.

I love the Runaways, it catches the rebellious and wild nature we have come to know and love Rock music for. The endearing – Hi-Fidelity gave an unconventional yet more relatable POV and introduced comedy legend Jack Black. But to me the  undisputed champion is The Commitments.


Because my memory is long enough to remember the effect it had on society, it seeped into the deepest recesses  and started a wave of nostalgia; 50s revival nonetheless. If a piece of fiction effects the real world, if a movie crosses over from fiction to alter reality that my friend is the best Rock n Roll movie ever!




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