Sweet Charity from Mum and Dad!


Sweet Charity carries a PG certificate.   I remember when it came on TV back in the 70s. My Mum and Dad debated if I could watch. I was seven maybe. Dad liked the songs and Mum the dancing. Rather than send me to bed they decided to allow me to watch. I remember Sammy Davis Jr 60s psychadelia and thinking Shirley Maclaine was the most beautiful girl I’d ever saw. I did not understand the adult nature of the film. I did not realise Hope was a ‘call girl’ and I would not have known what one was if they had told me.  I  remember feeling priveleged but wondered why they let me stay.

Because of those memories I watched it for the first time today and was blown away. It was one of the most imaginative and well crafted films I had ever seen; the homage paid to West side story, the hilarious elevator sequence and the most uplifting unpredictable ending I have ever seen were a delight.

My parents knowingly planted a seed and I thank them for knowing one day I would collect.



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