Just a Coincidence?


Am I going crazy?  How many ‘coincidences’ have to happen before you start to sit up and take notice? How many until you start feeling spooked? It happened to me again recently.

I write songs. I wrote a song called Hope. I sat on the sofa played it on my laptop and listened through the headphones. My inquistive 7 year old daughter came downstairs and sat next to me and kept prodding me, wanting to show me a new app on the iphone. It was a virtual guitar. I listened to my song and she primed the app. As she plucked the virtual strings, one by one, she played the first four notes of the vocal melody to the song exactly in time with the song as it played. I was dazed. She had know idea I was playing a song and could not hear it. I looked over my shoulder then shrugged it off, but this was not the first time. There have been others more pertinent.

I don’t know what it is but the cynic in me believes there is something more at play. I ask for proof and I get it multiple times.

I don’t understand what it is but I know it’s not a ‘Coincidence.’






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