What is Fame?


I have worked in Film and TV most of my adult life. I have have brushed and rubbed shoulders with a few A-Listers many B-listers and more Z-listers than I care to confirm.

I have talked to them, mainly about business but other mundane stuff too. I would like to say there was something special about them. I want to be awestruck ..I want to believe what people secretly desire (that obscene four letter word) is worth having. That maybe if you found it you would achieve a higher state of consciousness, achieve enlightenment…find something profound, alas I found nothing of the sort.

Don’t get me wrong they are the loveliest of luvvies but are they on a higher plain?  No. They are us, you and me thrust into the limelight. It’s a complex illusion that’s all.

Sorry to dissapoint 😦

Truth is if you are looking to become something special you’re better off looking behind the curtain not in-front…

TTFN !! 🙂




Complex Illusion


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