Seriously – Potus ain’t Stupid…


It occurred to me on reading the New York Times interview with Trump that this guy is not stupid he is me 20 years ago; an immature person who made shit up because he did not know the facts. Basically as Obama put it ‘a Bullshitter’. But unlike Trump I learned along time ago if you don’t know what you’re talking about STFU! or people will think you are stupid.

Fact he is not stupid just too lazy to learn what he should know….Its fine to bullshit when you’re a spotty teen but 70 and President of the USA?! Hold on isn’t that the very definition of being stupid?!

What’s the Best Rock n Roll Movie ever?


As ever with these listings it is personal. I was going to do some research roll out some stats, but I don’t believe box office sales is the metric to use in this case.

There are movies that transcend that. Movies that are so big it bleeds into the fabric of society and changes social trends and taste.

I love the Runaways, it catches the rebellious and wild nature we have come to know and love Rock music for. The endearing – Hi-Fidelity gave an unconventional yet more relatable POV and introduced comedy legend Jack Black. But to me the  undisputed champion is The Commitments.


Because my memory is long enough to remember the effect it had on society, it seeped into the deepest recesses  and started a wave of nostalgia; 50s revival nonetheless. If a piece of fiction effects the real world, if a movie crosses over from fiction to alter reality that my friend is the best Rock n Roll movie ever!



‘Stronger Together?’

dvDarth Vader united the Galaxy indirectly and he will do it again through action or rather inaction. When pledges are broken and swing voters realise something ‘so simple’ is in fact very hard the truth is revealed. The truth is what America has become. Not a 1950s romanticised vision but a multicultural global leader. POTUS will unwillingly aid and abet the process. When replacing ACA, reversing the nuclear Iran deal does not happen. When the Wall and Muslim Ban dissolve into nothing swing voters will see the light and accept the reality of this changing world, a better world.

Saying we are Stronger Together does not make us Stronger Together but realising you are on the wrong side of history will force the disaffected few to shift making the States of America United once more.

I should know I’m a Brit and the only time you were united is in 1775- The War of Independence. No need to thank us, you’re welcome!

The Photient – Free from Inkitt

I forgot all about the baboons and jumped out of my skin on spotting a troop approaching in the distance. It was too late to back out. They were heading toward me down a narrow path. Last time I barely got away managing to scramble over the wall before they attacked. I wondered if they remembered last time, do Baboons remember? How long for?

My flamboyant pink shirt was starting to grate. Of all the day’s I chose to wear it I chose today. I decided to wear the stupid thing and now I was stuck. Fear, is the enemy. That’s what they say and I was wreaking of it. I tried to avoid the leader’s hellish gaze and slip pass casually unnoticed, studying the grain on the fence opposite but the leader was unassuaged.

As the moment drew closer Ian came out of nowhere and swept me up from behind.

“You okay? Karl, you okay?”

I snapped to, disorientated, all the while unsure, waiting to be clear of danger. “That shirt is bad news ‘ol boy. We better scoot before he tries to hump you.” and with that the leader walked by.

I had been assigned to Ian Shersby, a distant acquaintance from school. It was my job to pull him in. He was a Photient like me. Unlike me he did not know he was one, not yet.   I hung out with him that day for a few hours to warm up. The idea was to ease him in slow but as time passed I realised when breaking into the absurd, there was no slow.  I was hoping he’d accept the news as confirmation of theories brewing in that psychedelic head of his but was pretty sure he’d freak out. There was no easy way to break it so I did it cold, straight off the bat.

I grabbed the remote, switched on the game and showed him. I showed him what we could do, what we were capable of. Time after time I fluffed the shot deliberately to show I was in control of the player. On taking instruction from him and executing the prescribed task he sat jaw sagging, comprehensively beaten, convinced it had to be true. Shock grips a man in different ways. I was violently sick but Ian was instead quiet for the longest time. Ian, the zoologist a quiet man unscrewed a bottle of Glenfiddich and necked it straight. He cancelled the day and we headed down to HQ to meet the others.