There is Something to be said for Lunacy


If you shout loud enough people will come. If you espouse the theories of a raving lunatic you may get a following. How many?

6 Million. Yes if you shout loud enough 6 Million people will follow; mainly the disaffected the gullible..maybe not?

Some sit back and watch the spectacle in disgust but when they hear the same rhetoric from POTUS some leaners, the weak think ‘well maybe it’s true.’

Stay true and believe ’cause if you lose sight of what’s right and wrong; if we don’t object at every turn 6 million will become 60 million; just enough to elect a lunatic to the highest office in the land ? …..Hold on wait a minute….. I think we’re too late.!



Ever had Movie Amnesia?


I was watching The Equaliser starring Denzel Washington. I got a third of the way through and saw a familar face, the security guard Denzil worked with. Other future scenes flashed through my mind. Then I realised I had seen the film before, but rather than switch over I kept watching and found myself enjoying it more.

On one level the film itself was good and secondly I was now checking the boxes of the scenes I remembered.

The film was all the better for this added dimension. I thought ¬†nothing of it then realised the next day the only other time I remember this happening to me was 10 years ago after seeing Deja VU starring guess who …?

Denzel Washington ….

Probably just a coincidence this time round ūüôā




Just a Coincidence?


Am I going crazy? ¬†How many ‘coincidences’ have to happen before you start to sit up and take notice? How many until you start feeling spooked? It happened to me again recently.

I write songs. I wrote a song called Hope. I sat on the sofa played it on my laptop and listened through the headphones. My inquistive 7 year old daughter came downstairs and sat next to me and kept prodding me, wanting to show me a new app on the iphone. It was a virtual guitar. I listened to my song and she primed the app. As she plucked the virtual strings, one by one, she played the first four notes of the vocal melody to the song exactly in time with the song as it played. I was dazed. She had know idea I was playing a song and could not hear it. I looked over my shoulder then shrugged it off, but this was not the first time. There have been others more pertinent.

I don’t know what it is but the cynic in me believes there is something more at play. I ask for proof and I get it multiple times.

I don’t understand what it is but I know it’s not a ‘Coincidence.’





Sweet Charity from Mum and Dad!


Sweet Charity carries a PG certificate. ¬† I remember when it came on TV back in the 70s. My Mum and Dad debated if I could watch.¬†I was seven maybe. Dad liked the songs and Mum the dancing. Rather than send me to bed they decided to allow me to watch. I remember Sammy Davis Jr 60s psychadelia and thinking Shirley Maclaine was the most beautiful girl I’d ever saw. I did not understand the adult nature of the film. I did not realise Hope was a ‘call girl’ and I would not have known what one was if they had told me.¬† I ¬†remember feeling priveleged but wondered why they let me stay.

Because of those memories I watched it for the first time today and was blown away. It was one of the most imaginative and well crafted films I had ever seen; the homage paid to West side story, the hilarious elevator sequence and the most uplifting unpredictable ending I have ever seen were a delight.

My parents knowingly planted a seed and I thank them for knowing one day I would collect.


Seriously – Potus ain’t Stupid…


It occurred to me on reading the New York Times interview with Trump that this guy is not stupid he is me 20 years ago; an immature person who made shit up because he did not know the facts. Basically as Obama put it ‘a Bullshitter’. But unlike Trump I learned along time ago if you don’t know what you’re talking about STFU! or people will think you are stupid.

Fact he is not stupid just too lazy to learn what he should know….Its fine to bullshit when you’re a spotty teen but 70 and President of the USA?! Hold on isn’t that the very definition of being stupid?!