I Like This :)


This is Vietnam.


It’s like I’m back  in the 70s. I feel young again.  Nothing fancy here, no complications, no excess. I sit quietly sipping juice, watching mud fish skip on aluminium plates. I pick fine fruit from an overhanging tree and smile knowingly.

This is contentment this is happiness; this is Vietnam.

C’mon America ! (We’re all rooting for you)


As a Brit I’ve always seen America as one big social experiment much like ‘Big Brother’ but more big.  I was so proud when, as a nation, you voted your first black president into office THEN….. you blew it….(Booo!)

I was mortified. What Happened? I grew angry then upset as all hopes of progress faded. Then I remembered what your leader once said ‘progress is never a straight line.’

I waited anxiously and as the waves of protests began, the America I came to respect; the virtuous hopeful America raised its beautifully head and showed us all who they really are.

I am calm again now for I know Government may not always live up to the ideal but if ‘The People’ believe it America will lead and the rest of the world will follow.

What is Fame?


I have worked in Film and TV most of my adult life. I have have brushed and rubbed shoulders with a few A-Listers many B-listers and more Z-listers than I care to confirm.

I have talked to them, mainly about business but other mundane stuff too. I would like to say there was something special about them. I want to be awestruck ..I want to believe what people secretly desire (that obscene four letter word) is worth having. That maybe if you found it you would achieve a higher state of consciousness, achieve enlightenment…find something profound, alas I found nothing of the sort.

Don’t get me wrong they are the loveliest of luvvies but are they on a higher plain?  No. They are us, you and me thrust into the limelight. It’s a complex illusion that’s all.

Sorry to dissapoint 😦

Truth is if you are looking to become something special you’re better off looking behind the curtain not in-front…

TTFN !! 🙂




Complex Illusion

There is Something to be said for Lunacy


If you shout loud enough people will come. If you espouse the theories of a raving lunatic you may get a following. How many?

6 Million. Yes if you shout loud enough 6 Million people will follow; mainly the disaffected the gullible..maybe not?

Some sit back and watch the spectacle in disgust but when they hear the same rhetoric from POTUS some leaners, the weak think ‘well maybe it’s true.’

Stay true and believe ’cause if you lose sight of what’s right and wrong; if we don’t object at every turn 6 million will become 60 million; just enough to elect a lunatic to the highest office in the land ? …..Hold on wait a minute….. I think we’re too late.!