In Defense of Jimmy Bramble


School is out and Jimmy is finally free. In book two of the three-part All Saints series, we find our young hero flipping burgers in a grease joint. But for all the cow guts and blow flies, life has never been sweeter. He’s in a band, meeting girls and generally doing everything he can to abuse the freedoms of adulthood, without being encumbered by its responsibilities.
Of course, every story needs a bad guy. When rival band De-Funkt hit the scene with their bullish front man Kane and his new wave electro, Jimmy is determined to show them—and Kane’s girlfriend, Anna—what real music sounds like.
It was all meant to be a bit of fun, but in Jimmy’s world a lark can turn serious with a single look. Kane has secrets to keep, and the last thing he needs is a loud mouth sniffing around Anna, or the money she makes him.
Both boys will do anything they can to win, and the battle of the bands may just spill out onto the streets


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